It has been a great year for tomatoes and I haven’t heard anyone complaining about blight.

2013-09-02 12.08.23

Greenhouse tomato crop

In my greenhouse the crop is doing really well, even though I have been in hospital and relied on friends and family to look after them – thank you to all my helpers.

2013-09-02 12.12.47

San Marzano, plum variety of tomato growing outside.

I planted one tomato outside in the spring just for comparison, and to see how it would fare since previous years have been a right off for outdoor crops. However, it has grown well all summer and surprised me with a massive crop of fruit – the only difference to the greenhouse ones is that the tomato fruits are not ready and ripe yet. Therein lies the benefit of growing indoors even during this summer which has turned out to be a hot one. I will pick these wonderful tomatoes soon and ripen them on a windowsill – they will be heading for passata.

I always stop the growing tips, pinching them out, on cordon tomatoes at the end of August and start removing the lower leaves to allow the fruit to ripen in the sun. (Any fruit that you allow to form after that will not mature.)

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