Cookery writers are churning out newspaper features daily on what to do with a deluge of courgettes. So it is at Tin Bath House –  our courgette plants are enormous and we are cropping fruit daily.  I had help this week in the form of my cooking fairy – my veggie/foodie/cheffy/daughter came to stay.

2013-08-26 19.20.03

Nothing is too much trouble for her and she was happy stuffing fragile  courgette flowers with a creamy ricotta and herb mixture.

2013-08-26 19.20.17

Then she created amazing courgette and potato rosti. She squeezed excess juice out of grated courgette and mixed this with grated freshly dug potatoes(they were par boiled first).

2013-08-26 19.39.57

Fried rosti with steamed courgette flowers – an absolutely delicious dinner.

Our squashes are not bearing quite as many fruit as last year yet, especially the Butternuts – there is an abundance of male flowers but fewer of the females from which the fruit are produced. I am still hoping for a hot September so they might have the chance to catch up.

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