I love warm sunny September days like we have been having, stretching out the last of summer, and the berries are starting to hang in the hedges. My veg plot is richly loaded with produce, it is full of colour and alive with the sound of crickets. Huge, long legged frogs are leaping about, I saw a shy grass snake sliding it’s way back into its hole in the bank and I watched the bats speed diving across the twilight sky at nightfall as I shut up the greenhouse. Close the doors as darkness falls, keep in the warmth.

2013-09-04 11.39.48

Bright, bright, bright sunshiny day

2013-09-03 14.01.54

Wild Edric

I think this flower, Wild Edric, might become my new ‘favourite rose’ – because it is managing to grow well in the stony alkaline soil here, and not complain. Sadly, Gertrude Jekyll my really favourite rose is having a miserable time here, sulking and looking like death. I have grown it for years, it is my perfect shade of pink and a single bloom will scent a room – but of course it needs a good soil. Wild Edric is not so refined, but it has a gorgeous fragrance, and I like the velvety pink petals – looks promising.

2013-09-03 13.22.37


I simply adore nasturtiums, and they seem to have a last blast of growing as autumn approaches. I really like them arranged in little vases for table posies. And don’t forget to eat them in salads too!

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