2013-04-27 15.08.11

A thick mulch of hay laid last year smothers weed and grass growth at the edge of veg plots(left hand side of kale).

I noticed where I laid the mulch thinner the grasses have germinated and rooted, but it is easy to roll the hay off and sweep away the growth. Under the mulches the ground is moist, and there is a lovely sticky browny interface where soil and mulch meet and decomposition is underway. And of course the soil has been protected over the cold winter from erosion, snuggled under the 13tog hay layer.

I  have a large pile of hay left for mulching potatoes. Otherwise it is amazing how 2 tonnes of hay have disappeared here, melting into the underworld of my composting system.


2013-04-27 15.15.29

Sweet peas planted out

I always start off sweet pea structures with a mulch of card, newspaper and straw/hay between the sticks. This creates a weed free foothold for them and a cool rootrun. How happy they will be!


2013-04-27 15.34.01

Cat nap

Cat assumes hay mulch is there just for her to snooze on.

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