GUEST BLOGGER – Sue from HelpX

I love coming to work in the garden at Tin Bath House. Here there is a sunny Cotswolds hillside simply teeming with life. This is a garden where every little thing you do adds a brushstroke to Helen’s masterpiece. That brushstroke is initially unnoticeable but soon settles into the whole. The garden boundaries are carefully barricaded against deer, rabbits and even badgers and are checked every evening. At the moment the enemy lies within and attention has been turned to the nightly visitations of slugs and snails. Their most recent target has been the young leaves and growing tips of the Pink Fir Apple potato crop. Torchlight patrols with associated squishings and slingings have kept the slimy ones in reasonable control, along with bio slug pellets. If all else fails, then it will be all hands to the beer traps.

Sue HelpX June 14

The next task will be the weeding of the “Olympic” steps which run almost the length of the garden. In a few years’ time they will be bordered by trees and create a vista through to the meadow below. I have painted an image in my mind of a return visit, perhaps in five years’ time, when I will be able to pick a a ripe apricot from the flourishing tree in the front garden and take it to eat under what will by then be the shaded avenue of the Olympic steps. I may even catch a glimpse of a great green bush cricket. Thank you Helen and Nigel for your fine hospitality and friendship and the dream of summers to come.

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