The Big Allotment Challenge

I have to say how much I enjoyed watching the Big Allotment Challenge on television in April and May.

I particularly liked the way it illustrated how much skill, determination, dedication and knowledge is required to produce good food and flowers from the land. Growing your own food is a real commitment.

I enjoyed seeing both sexes tackle flower arranging, and how they took on the ‘floral display’ challenges.

The cooking challenges highlighted how ‘grow your own’ also requires dedication to ‘cook your own’. I spend a great deal of time washing vegetables and then being in the kitchen with them, making interesting things. (This week’s special is dahl soup with spinach in it).

Nigel kept asking me whether I would have been a winner – he’s so competitive! I thought I could have done very well on the growing and flower arranging but would have not been anywhere up to scratch on the cooking and preserving front!

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