In the field an unexpected late outing with the mower for Nigel. It has been a warm and moist autumn so the grass just keeps on growing. More mulch for the veg plot, and especially nice now it has chopped up fallen leaves in it too – worms love leaves.  On top of the beds where we grow squashes , we put a layer of  cardboard over the dandelions first and then piled  on the grass clippings. Then I will dib in a load of broad bean seeds. This means the soil is protected for the winter, the nutrients are there for next year’s squash, there is food for the soil life and an edible green manure crop. Field beans which are sold as green manure are the same thing as broad beans.  So if you plant a kitchen variety of broad bean as your green manure you are guaranteed to get delicious beans as well. I actually plant ‘The Sutton’ which is a dwarf variety, only 30cm high which is suited to windy sites like this – otherwise I would have to stake them.  The rodents like bean seeds so I plant them generously to make sure some are left. But the rodents feed the owls of course, which I so love…

2013-11-09 12.43.23

The Mower Man

2013-11-09 12.27.59

Spreading the lovely mulch of grass clippings and chopped leaves

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