There was an Old Person of Blythe,

Who cut up his meat with a scythe:

                When they said, ‘Well! I never.’

                He cried, ‘Scythes for ever!’

That lively Old Person of Blythe.

(from Edward Lear’s ‘More Nonsense’ pub 1862)

An acre of waist high grass was waiting to be cut last week. Then the mowing gang arrived in the shape of Stroud Permaculture Group, fifteen nifty folks came one evening to sort it out. Mark instructed us on the setting up, care and use of the lightweight Austrian Scythe and then everyone got down to work.

2013-08-08 19.05.52

Scythe gang talk

Scything is such a satisfying thing to do, just hearing the swishing blades and seeing the flat field emerge again. Capturing a Great Green Bush Cricket was a highlight for the group – it was enormous!

2013-08-08 19.45.00

The mowing gang moves across the meadow

If you are interested in scything then you need to visit the website for Simon Fairlie, who is ‘Mr Scythe’ in England – www.thescytheshop.co.uk

And go to the Scythe Festival held each year in June in Somerset.

2013-08-08 19.55.15

See how they go!

2013-08-09 16.37.22

Piles of cut hay

We just pile the hay up ready for carting  to the veg plot where it will be used for mulching.  I am so grateful that so many people were keen to try their hands at scything and were willing to give up an evening to help us here. Thank you. We finished with a bonfire, hot dogs and beers. And we all said ‘Scythes for ever’!

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