EASY PICKINGS (new potatoes)!

2013-07-04 16.49.11

I have always dreamed of being able to do this! Just lifting  up a mulch layer and picking out new potatoes from the moist earth. It’s just like collecting eggs.

These earlies  (variety Maris Bard) planted in March, just  before the big freeze, are producing  wonderous crops. No work, no digging. Popped into 4 inch deep holes. Mulched as they grow with 6 inches deep of hay.

The availability of our hay as a mulching material, along with a light sandy soil is the magic combination here which I have never had before. Just a tiny bit of slug damage. And of course this method of picking first early potatoes allows the plants to continue  growing for a bit longer and produce more tubers.

I simmer these new potatoes with a sprig of applemint for just 8 minutes. Yummy with fresh home grown dill and spring onions made up into a warm mayo potato salad =  equals heaven on a plate.

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