Spuds Up!

My prediction in mid March of ‘new potatoes frozen to death’ was completely wrong. In spite of the cold, here they are, happily growing through their mulch of hay at last!

2013-05-19 17.10.35


Salad Square


2013-05-19 17.11.50

The new raised box bed (see post April 1st) is full of salad. It measures 120cm square and shows how much grub will grow in a teeny space.  The seeds were sown on  8th April. I had a first picking last week taking the thinnings out for a very yummy mixed salad.

I like my salad plants thinned so that I can weed between them, to a minimum spacing of  7cms apart.  This allows weeding between crop plants with  hands or a tiny hoe, to keep the salad weed free and very easy to pick.

From left to right there is a row each of –

Spinach-  Bordeaux – red  stems and veins

Polycress – Garden Cress, a cool weather salad with a tangy flavor

Spinach Medania – fleshy, circular leaves

Mixed lettuces


Beetroot – Boltardy, for richly flavoured red leaves

At Last!

Such a cold spring has led to a slow start here. But finally the veg plot has started to perk up.

2013-05-19 17.10.02


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