A kind person in our Stroud  Permaculture  group gave me some plants last year of Nine-star perennial broccoli. It is a relative of our wild cabbages and is a short lived perennial growing up to approx. 1m tall.


2013-05-07 18.35.29

Nine Star Perennial Broccoli plants

In the garden it is not a thing of beauty and it has to be protected from the voracious pigeons. I was doubtful about it last year, but now I have enjoyed the crop I think it is well worth giving Nine-star perennial broccoli time and space in the garden.

Other than weeding  around the base and a new mulch of hay there is nothing to do now.

2013-05-05 17.30.33

Ready for steaming on the hob

Tastes like a mild cauliflower with a hint of broccoli – very delicious.

Would I recommend it ?  Yes – I’d give it 9 stars!

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