2013-03-23 18.37.16

Brimstone butterfly in jam jar

I went into the sitting room tonight to eat my squash and chick pea curry, and found a butterfly sitting on the table. Butter yellow, it was clearly a Brimstone, the first I have seen this year.

Nigel brought in some logs today and it must have been pupating in the outhouse and come in with them.  In the warmth of our house it happily emerged. If the weather was clement,  I would have just popped it outside. However, it is snowing  here at present.

So the new Brimstone is now safely in a large jam  jar. I gave it twigs, a drop of water and smear of mango chutney to provide some sugar. My book says the Brimstone food plant is buckthorn and alder buckthorn – we have both of those, but spring is so late they are not in leaf or flower yet. I will have to look after it until it gets warmer.

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